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Wedding Photography

We Focus on You

First of all, Congratulations! If you've got this far then you have probably just got engaged to the man or woman of your dreams. Every wedding is different, right? Every wedding is unique! You've spent months if not years planning for your special day so it's important that we all remember just how much effort has gone into making this the most significant day of your lives. When you consider that, its very hard to quantify just how much it costs to photograph your day.

It's one of the many reasons, we don't refer to 'Wedding Packages' because every great occasion merits a unique service that compliments the day and is as individual as the people taking part. However we are also aware that budgeting for such an occasion is paramount so we've summarised the costs in a broad way below to give you an idea of what your outlay could be.

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Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots are becoming very popular right now not just because you are supplied with a number of high quality images of you both in a casual and more relaxed setting but more importantly it gives you the opportunity to get to know me and how I work. I make it my mission to put you at ease and help you get used to me pointing the camera at you. This way, on your wedding day, you'll be much happier working with me and thus more relaxed in front of the camera.

Half Day Shoot €495 + vat

Bride/Groom Preparations, Ceremony, Formal Compositions

Whatever plans you have we can accommodate you, and shoot this very special occasion in an unobtrusive way, capturing all the images that matter along with those candid shots of all your guests enjoying what is most important day of your lives. We offer a relaxed, contemporary and innovative approach to this most important of days and will remain as inconspicuous as possible. It’s our aim to make everyone involved feel relaxed as that will help ensure the photographs are natural yet professional. It matters not what type of wedding you are having we are happy to sit and have a chat about what it is you're looking for. Please get in touch and let's discuss it further.

Preparations + Ceremony + Formal Family Shots start at €1200 + vat

Cake Cutting, Speeches & First Dance

We've always found it surprising that just as the party is about to get in full swing, many photographer's head for home. They miss some of the most important and fun parts of the day, namely, the speeches, cutting the cake and, of course, the first dance. Unlike many of these professionals we aim to stay until you are happy that our work is done.

Price for the Whole Day (and night!) start at €1400 + vat

You should note that these are very broad guidelines and prices will fluctuate depending on your own circumstances and requirements.


What some of our clients said about us

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Choosing a photographer is one of the most crucial decisions you'll make on this journey so why not book an appointment with us, free of charge, where we can chat to you in more detail about what we do and how we go about doing it. If you'd like to meet up then drop us a line at or call +353 83-3303557.

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