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Corporate Photography

Celtic Photography provides clients all over Dublin with the very best corporate photography packages.

By blending the unparalleled experience of our Dublin photography team, with the very latest photography equipment and image processing software we produce elegant and stylish corporate photography customised to your company’s brand.

From our Dublin corporate photography studio, we have worked with some of Ireland’s most prestigious businesses. We have created corporate photography for websites, print advertising campaigns and corporate brochures.
To discuss the image needs of your corporation, organisation or business get in contact with our Dublin photography studio today.




For additional information on our corporate photography packages, get in contact with our Dublin offices.

Corporate Photography Dublin

The powerful visual language of corporate imagery plays a significant role in how a brand or a business is perceived by customers, partners and investors.

Celtic Photography experienced corporate photography team, work in close cooperation with the client to fully capture an organisation’s brand, corporate ethos and market position.

As Dublin corporate photographers, we have worked closely with well-known corporations, government departments, educational centres, media outlets and food producers. Our multi-sector experience has given us the tools, resources and the experience to seamlessly integrate an organisation core messaging into our corporate photography.




For information on our range of Dublin corporate photography packages, get in contact with our photography studio today.

Corporate Photography FAQ

What is Corporate Photography?
Corporate Photography is an extremely broad term that includes any type of photography that is going to be used by a company.
This can include corporate headshots, imagery for brochures, advertising materials or website imagery.
Corporate photography can also include corporate event photography and/or trade show photography.

Why is Corporate Photography Important?
It’s generally agreed upon that the importance of corporate photography can be drilled down to two core areas.

Marketing Value: Professionally captured Corporate Photography presents significant marketing opportunities. Corporate imagery can be utilised across traditional media and can form the bases of social media campaigns.

Differentiation: Marketing campaigns, in particular, internet marketing campaigns are saturated with stock imagery.
Bespoke corporate imagery, therefore, immediately allows a business to differentiate their campaign from their competition.

What should employees wear to a Corporate photo shot?
We recommend wearing plain colours as prints and elaborate patterns can distract from the photo. Mid-tone colours work best and are generally complementary. For corporate photoshoots, it's also recommend that flesh-toned clothing be avoided, as these can blend into your face which can also be distracting.
You may want to consider what background you want for the headshots. If, for example, you want a neutral white background then it’s advisable to wear something darker to contrast against it and similarly, if you want a darker background then lighter coloured clothing may work better.

Should Jewellery be worn for corporate photoshoots?
The recommendation surrounding jewellery are similar to those about clothing. Keep jewellery to a minimum. Plain jewellery like necklaces and earrings are usually a good idea but anything overly ostentatious or showy should be avoided as it may be distracting.

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