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Architectural Photography

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To discuss our architectural photography packages, please get in contact with Celtic Photography today.


Whether you are an Architect, Builder or Construction Company looking for those exceptional architectural shots that show off your accomplishments or an Estate Agent looking to sell a property with powerful Real Estate images then you’ce come to the right place. Andy Davies and Celtic Photography are award winning architectural photographers who can make you property stand out from the crowd


We pride ourselves on taking the time to compose and expose a shot correctly to really make a space stand out. If you’re an architect or work in construction, then some of the things that are important to you are lighting, detail and the finish. We strive to capture all these elements so that your potential clients can see the work you have put in to creating the finished structure. It could be an extension, a new build or a renovation, Celtic Photography makes the most of any natural or ambient light to bring the space to life. We also capture close-ups that feature your choice of finish on surfaces, how, for example, you’ve used stone, brick, glass or timber to compliment existing materials that are used in the space. We strive to ensure the final images show the world just how good you are



We use any available light, natural or otherwise to really make your property stand out. We also include and photograph other factors like landscaping which considers the aesthetic impact of the building within its environment. We will strive to shoot from the best possible angle and can shoot using a drone if necessary



If you’re an Architect then you value design and need high quality photographs of your designs that go beyond the actual building itself. You need to highlight the functional, operational and spatial requirements of the project. You need images that reveal a little about your use of space, light, shape and colour. Celtic Photography are ready and able to produce images that do justice to your work and give value to the work you do.

If you work in another field, maybe Real Estate or Interior Design there is still a requirement for high quality pictures that display the room in its best light. Whether it’s the detail or the space you want capturing, you will need fantastic images that sell the product without any narrative.


Why do I need Architectural Photographs?

Architectural photography is important for businesses as it can help promote their brand and increase awareness. It is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing photographs of buildings or structures. There are many reasons to try architectural photography, such as its potential even if there are not many great buildings around
, and the ability to capture and preserve the original intent of the architect. Never underestimate the difference having professional images taken of your space. We understand the importance of what you do and how it needs to be displayed for the world to see.

What does Architectural Photography Involve?

Our experienced professional photographer will take time to study the space, take note of the areas of particular significance to the Architect, using equipment that will capture images that do the space justice. By using good techniques, good equipment, a tripod and shooting using all available ambient light he will produce images that will tell their own story. If you need external images then they may approach during the Golden Hour in the morning or the evening to get those warm images that show off the building in its natural environment. Natural light will be used to capture all the internal space and any artificial light will compliment rather than detract from the scene.

What is the process used by Celtic Photography?

After the initial consultation we will work either with the Architect or their client and shoot at a time convenient to you. In general, a high-end shoot could involve multiple visits at different times of the day but we would expect to get the majority of images done in one day. We endeavour to capture as much ‘in camera’ limiting the amount of post-production required but there may be a short delay before you receive your finished images. These images will be High-Resolution and may be used as directed or agreed in earlier discussions.