Headshot Photography Dublin

As a vibrant European capital city, Dublin is both Ireland’s financial centre and its primary entertainment hub. While these two drastically different industries would, on the surface, seem to have very little in common, their photography requirements do overlap and intersect.
As expert headshot photography experts, Celtic Photography understand that most corporate photography is designed to covey professionalism while actor headshots are designed to capture an actor's versatility.
Our portfolio includes a comprehensive range of actor headshots and corporate headshots.

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Corporate Headshots

 In an increasingly visually focused world, corporate headshots are more important than ever. Our corporate photography services are optimised for use on all relevant social media platforms including LinkedIn and Facebook. Our corporate photography not only captures a subject's professionalism but also aims to introduce their personality, making the subject more appealing to potential employers or future clients.

Actor Headshots

Every actor recognises the importance of professional headshots. Great actor headshots represent the actor’s personality and hints at their versatility.
Celtic Photography creates beautiful and professional headshots that grab a casting director’s attention. Our photography methodology is about naturalist shots that capture the essence of the actor.
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Headshot Photography Dublin


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Headshot Photography Dublin FAQ

What should I wear for my actor headshots?

When you’re feeling confident and comfortable, these qualities shine through in your headshots. Therefore we recommend wearing clothes that are comfortable and neat. Generally speaking, dark clothes are less distracting so a darker colour palette should be considered.

Do you offer headshot retouching?

Although we emphasise the importance of natural headshots, and we capture the very highest standard of images, we do offer some basic headshot retouching. This can include removing any skin blotches and/or balancing the colour of the overall composition.