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Event Photography is all about capturing split second moments that last a lifetime or at least until next years event! From Corporate Conferences to 80th Birthday Parties, our promise, is to capture those images that reflect the spirit and atmosphere of the event and leave you with lasting images that make you smile. Event Photography isn't a question of point and shoot, it's about immersing yourself in the occasion, listening to what's being said and watching where the next smile will come from. Check out the different services we offer

Corporate Event Photography

With any event we will be as unobtrusive as possible, blending into the background (or behind it) to capture the all important shots of your occasion for you and your business. We are professional and personable and adapt our style depending on the formality of the event. We consider all types of Corporate Event. To obtain a quote or for more information please get in touch.

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PR/Press Photography

Are you launching a new product or maybe promoting an arm of your business? Maybe you’ve hired a celebrity for the occasion. If you need any PR or Press work then get in touch, we can shoot quickly and efficiently, we will work within deadlines and turnaround times are very quick with any editing done on site if necessary. We can also provide syndication if required.

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Family Occasions

What's more important than family right? Whatever the occasion, isn't it important to have images that are a fitting reminder of what is a very personal and special day for the whole family. We can visit your home and shoot the whole occasion, whatever it is, and provide you with high resolution, quality images that will provide you with beautiful memories long after the event is over. We can also offer a print & frame service should you require a more permanent reminder to hang in your home. If you'd like to discuss in more detail then please get in touch and let's have a chat.

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Your Event Photography Images

The key to exceptional event photography is adjusting to the style, energy and feeling of the event in question. As one of Dublin’s most experienced event photographers, Celtic Photography has captured everything from corporate product launches and annual conferences to public relations.


These vastly different events require the correct composition and eye for the spontaneous to truly capture the spirit of the event. The goal is not to embellish what happened but rather to capture what it was like to be there.


To achieve this we combine staged photos with more candid shots which paints an accurate portrait of the event.

Our expert Dublin event photographer can quickly make adjusts to composition, lighting and any other unexpected occurrence, to ensure only the very finest photos are captured.

Why hiring an experienced Event Photographer is important

Any event, even the most organised can be subject to sudden change. Weather can affect lightning, delays in schedule can interrupt ceremonies and technical issues can disrupt announcements and speeches. It’s for reasons like these and innumerable others that you need to hire an experienced event photographer.


With many years of experience, our photographer has the skills, resources and technical expertise to make quick adjustments to his shooting schedule to ensure the best photos of the event are captured no matter the circumstances. Hiring an event photographer is so important because plans change and the ability to adapt is key.


If a business event — and the media captured at that event — is to form part of a long-term marketing strategy, gambling on the quality of the photos is in effect, gambling on your long-term business growth. Even if issues arise during your event our event photographer can adjust and still deliver the best possible photos.


As part of our event photography packages, we provide digital photo retouching which enhances the overall aesthetics and balances the colours of your event photos.


We fully understand that every event is different and you may have a particular photography style in mind, so we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our Dublin event photographer today.


We think we’d like candid style images of our event rather than formal set up shots, can you do this?

We are delighted to say we can do both! Some occasions merit set-up images to reflect the formality of the occasions, whereas others are just plain fun and the photographs should reflect that. We pride ourselves in being able to deal with celebrities and high profile guests in a professional manner but also be discrete and unobtrusive. Our favourite response when people see images of the event is “ I don’t remember seeing you there”.

How much experience do you have in Events like ours?

We don’t know yet what your event is but we are confident that we have covered pretty much every type of event that there is. We’ve shot weddings, product launches, sporting events, ambassadorial lunches, conferences, AGM’s, Concerts you name it, we’ve covered it. We go above and beyond to make sure you get the right results.

How quickly will we get our images back?

This will likely depend on how many images you need and the formality of the event but generally, you can expect images back within 24 hours. If it’s for a Press Release then we can provide images at the event or soon after and then send the rest on, once they are edited.

What some of our clients said about us

If you require Videography and/or Event Management then please let us know as we work with some of the best in the country and can recommend some very highly skilled companies that complement our service