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Product Photography

One of the key advantages to having professional images taken is that, put simply, photographs sell. Whatever you tell yourself, images taken on a mobile phone will never be a substitute for professional images taken by an experienced photographer who understands light and composition. We can also create product images that mirror your brand and reflect what your own business mantra is.

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Interior Photography

Whether you’re a corporate business, an SME or even a sole trader you may want to show off the working environment to your clients. It could be an office space, a manufacturing shop floor or a retail outlet perhaps. Whatever your work environment, good quality and creative images showing either you or your staff at work will help show any potential clients a glimpse into the process.

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Lifestyle Photography

People buy from people right? Lifestyle photography is a part of creating your brand but is not limited to brand photography. As a business it’s important that your potential clients can see the face of the business. Whether that’s you as the business owner or your staff who your clients may engage with let us create those personal lifestyle images that really speak to your client base.

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Do I really need Professional Photography for my website?

In a word, Yes. Whether you are a manufacturing business, whether you supply products or whether you provide a service, its key that your potential clients see you and your business in the right light. If you’ve invested a lot of time and money in developing your product and brand then you really need to have photographs that do that commitment justice. Don’t fool yourself into thinking Mobile Phone images or Stock Photography will ever be a substitute for professional images.

I need some Product Photography, what information do you need from me?

Before we begin the process of shooting your products, we need to get a description of the products, how many products you need to shoot, how many images of each product, ie Do you just want one image from the front or a variety of images from different angles. How creative do you want us to be? Are you happy with simple product shots on a white background or would you like something more imaginative? Have you seen examples of your product elsewhere that you really like. These are all useful insights in to what you’re looking for.

Can you shoot on location or do we have to send the products to you?

We can cater for either option. If you’d prefer to leave the products on location because of expense or size then we can come to you and set up our mobile studio in your office or manufacturing space. Alternatively we can collect your products and shoot them within our studio and return them to you at a later date.

Is Ecommerce photography all about Products?

No, far from it. There is a lot more to Ecommerce photography than just products. It can apply to a number of different types of business and services. You may need Headshots, Interior Shots, Lifestyle and Environmental and these can all be catered for under our package scheme.

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If you’re still not sure what you need then why not get in touch and let’s have a chat. We can help guide you through the process and help you understand what it is we do and how we go about it. Either drop me an email at ANDY@CELTICPHOTOGRAPHY.IE or pick up the phone and call me on +353 83-3303557.