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Firm Safety Solutions

A Case Study

The Composition

We collaborated with our old friends, Graphedia, on this job who required a headshot for Nikki, the MD of the company, for her new website and a few lifestyle images showing her in action. They provide health & safety training and bespoke first aid kits for their clients

The Photoshoot

We travelled down to Enniscorthy and met Nikki outside her premises. We grabbed a coffee and had a brief chat just to get to know each other a little first. It's always much easier to work with a client when they learn to trust you a little first so anytime you can spend with them before you grab the camera is a benefit. As it was, Nikki was a pleasure to work with. She has a great personality which shone through from the start so it didn't take long before we started to get the money shots...


We grabbed a couple of images outside the premises before taking advantage of the fine weather and strolled along the river bank to grab a few more shots under the trees.

We headed back to the office and proceeded to capture Nikki doing what she does best and thats the health & safety training. She brought a few props with her and we set about taking the all important environmental photographs that would compliment her offering on her website. In this particular example, I saw the shot straight away but we were missing a volunteer so Nikki strapped the jacket on herself and showed off how she would teach the 'Heimlich Manoeuvre' to her students. The little yellow piece of foam shoots out of the jacket when you squeeze in the correct way. Without a co-pilot, the shot looked a little odd so it didn't make the cut. Still it was a fun idea.



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