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A Case Study

The Composition

The job for Skylight was prompted by a call from Conor at Click Printing who were designing a new website for their client. They needed some interior shots of their industrial unit and a shot of their range of vehicles.

The Photoshoot

Skylight, as the name would suggest, offer up glazing solutions to their clients, both bi-fold doors and...ahem...skylights. They have many of the products on display in their showroom so it was important to feature as much of the detail as possible. The beauty of this project is that I could photograph all the products without the fear of inclement weather being a problem. The space is airy and well lit and so all I had to think about was the architectural angle of each display. For something like this, clean lines and pin sharp detail is the order of the day. I met Dave, the MD, on site and he had the place beautifully prepared..I was left to my own devices and set about getting the images required.


The only issue internally was that the floor surfaces had been recently washed and had yet to dry. As they dried we had a number of patches but this was easily rectified in Photoshop. I have a passion for Architectural Photography so this was right up my street and most of the compositions were very focused on capturing the symmetry and textures contained within each unit whilst making sure the detail of each door or window were included.


With much of Skylights work being above head height as it were, I couldn't get a good image of the Skylights from ground level so I brought the Drone with me to get aerial views...It's rare I get to use the Drone but it was the perfect foil for this job.


Another request from Dave was that his fleet of trucks were photographed outside the Unit. I noticed the LED lights around the building and Dave told me it looked really well at night. Whilst I shot this image at the time I decided it would be better to do justice to the appearance of the unit by returning at dusk and taking the shot again. I'm glad I did



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