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What does ‘Having 2020 Vision’ mean to you?

The expression is one of those rarely used, yet very familiar sayings that we’ve all come across at one time or another. It suggests perfect eyesight, of course, and whilst your optometrist may disagree, it is the case that to the average person, that’s exactly what 2020 vision is. For me, however, it stands out as a perfect metaphor to describe the year ahead.

2019 was a great year for me, I saw Business grow significantly on the year before, I saw the transition through a rebrand, a new website and, of course, the development of the business as 'Brand Photographers'. There were some incredible gigs during the year, ones that particularly stood out were, the launch of the Historic Racing Festival in Mondello, where I was seen hanging out of the back of an SUV as it hurtled around the track in order to get that great shot of the two mini’s flying at top speed (it was only 60mph but it appeared to be much faster right?!) Then there was the work I did with the fantastic children’s story writer, Emma-Jane Leeson of Johnny Magory Story fame, when I was climbing trees and jumping brooks to get the all important shots for her new website and book launch. I also had the pleasure of shooting a lot of architectural work during the summer too for a couple of businesses in north Dublin. These images haven’t been released yet so you’ll have to wait a few weeks before I can reveal but safe to say they will impress both in relation to the work of the architect and builder involved but, also, I hope, in how I approach this type of Photography. One of the highlights of the year was working with the guys on the Galway Cycle back in April. It was such a pleasure to be able to follow the two hundred or so cyclists on their intrepid journey from Maynooth to Galway...and back again...and proved to be a healthy reminder, in this era of political upheaval and uncertainty, of the inherent goodness in people as so much money was raised for charity.

So in practical terms, 2020 vision means continuing to have the eye for a great photograph. Where many might miss an opportunity, a great photographer will spot the image that begs to be taken or at the very least can create his/her vision of that outstanding image. Being able to correctly compose a photograph is hugely important. Of all my senses, my eyesight is the one I’d hate to lose over any other so it was particularly poignant that the aforementioned Charity Cycle ride was for Vision Sports. 

Secondly, what is my 2020 vision for the year ahead? We set out on the road to become Brand Photographers 18 months ago and we are getting ever closer to reaching our destination, as we find it much easier now to sell the concept to an eager audience. Brand Photography isn’t new but it seems the demand for it is. There is a clarity that any businesses still taking pictures of their product or service on their mobile phone and using them on their websites or social media platforms need to consider getting some professional Brand Photography done. We hope to develop relationships with Web Designers and Digital Marketing companies out there or, of course, directly with the clients themselves. This will take time and no little effort but as Newt Gingrich once said, “Perserverenace is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did”…Amen to that!

And so to 2020 itself. It has a wonderful symmetry to it, it’s an even number, it’s a leap year, even MMXX in roman numerals has a nice ring to it. Here’s to health and happiness for all. Here’s to a successful year for all. Here’s to achieving all your goals for the year ahead. Here’s to making new friends inside and outside of business. Here's to a Happy New Year.

What’s your 2020 Vision?

(Check out some of the highlights of our year below ⬇️)

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