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Park Skin Clinic

A Case Study

The Composition

Caryn in the Park Skin Clinic was getting a new website built and needed some Brand Photography done that reflected her company and the services they offer. There were a few challenges which presented themselves as the job progressed...but more on that later.

The Photoshoot


The very first challenge might be apparent from the image you see above and that was the reflections in the shop windows. The clinic is located on a very busy thoroughfare in Newbridge and thus there is a constant stream of traffic trundling past which create painful reflections in what is an otherwise, very attractive shop front. I returned on several occasions when I thought the street would be a bit quieter. The only day when I had a bit of peace was a Sunday morning but, of course, the shop was closed so the image you see at the top of the page is actually a combo shot, where I've added the door from the weekday shot with the shutters up. So many issues and I haven't even set foot inside the property yet!

So the main directive was to capture headshots of all the staff and of Caryn herself. This was the easy everyone had had their hair and make up done and looked fabulous. I wanted images that looked natural rather than on a plain background so we used the natural light in the shop and they came out perfectly. We captured an image of the retail part of the shop using a wide-angle lens and then the fun began!


Caryn was keen to get some lifestyle or action images of the treatments they offer so one of the staff volunteered to be the guinea pig and had her face covered in whatever Gel they use and we set up a few different situations where the various equipment they use was put to good use. Lighting was a bit of an issue so I set up the camera on a Tripod and got the girls to stay as still as possible as I had to use a slow shutter speed image quality was imperative so hiking up the ISO wasn't really an option.



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