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Johnny Magory Children's Books

A Case Study

The Composition

Emma-Jane Leeson, writer of the wonderful Johnny Magory series of Childrens Books got in touch with me to ask me to shoot some stuff for her new website and social media marketing and I'm so glad she did. The books are all about getting children back outdoors and away from their ipads. This was one of the most enjoyable shoots I did and when you see the results you'll realise why!

The Photoshoot

The first requirement was to provide some product shots for Emma-Jane. I had a little play around in the studio and took the standard images on the white background that you'd expect on most websites but I decided that her products needed a bit more...well...get up and go I guess....because that's what her work is all about. Getting Children to get up and go exploring.


I brought the books to one of my favourite locations and shot them in different set up's offering up several different backgrounds.

The next stage of the directive was to grab some lifestyle images of Emma-Jane with a collection of some very keen children who couldn't wait to take part. She had had her logo recently redesigned by the talented group of pixies at Graphedia based in Wexford and I noticed the different Brand colours that were contained in the Logo so I suggested Emma-Jane got each of the Children to wear a different coloured plain t-shirt and they all duly obliged.

I spent a couple of hours following the gang around the lakes and woods in Ballynafagh Lake and had great fun jumping brooks, sinking in bogs and climbing trees but it was worth the effort I think.

The last part of the directive was something I wouldn't normally do but she asked for a short 10sec video which highlights the beauty of the lake where her stories are based. I popped out one day and whilst the result was ok I felt it could be better so I returned the next morning, at 5.30am and discovered a lake clouded in mist and very different to what I had witnessed the day before. As the sun started to rise above the nearby trees, however, the mist started to burn off to reveal the lake in all its beauty.


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