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John Rattigan Jewellers

A Case Study

The Composition

This was another project that required a variety of images ranging from headshots, a couple of team shots and some lifestyle shots within the shop itself. The key objective was to highlight the traditions that John Rattigan still holds dear whilst acknowledging the transition to a contemporary jewellery business.

The Photoshoot

I arrived bright and early for the shoot but gave myself plenty of time as always, wanting to make sure that all the guys in the shop were relaxed and comfortable before I started thinking about headshots. Whilst we chatted for a while, I was conscious we needed a group shot from outside the shop before the crowds started to gather on Main Street. It's a very busy street so I didn't want John and the rest of the team feeling self-conscious as people wandered by. We got that shot fairly quickly and I took a few more images as people started to walk past.

I spent some time chatting to John, a very interesting man who has been in the family business since he was a young man. In fact, I happened to notice a frame hanging on the wall in the shop and it turned out it was a picture of him when he was a teenager working under his father. I saw an opportunity to do a 'then and now' shot and it turned out quite well...even if I do say so myself!

I started the headshots, they were keen to have something not too stiff and corporate looking so we used the backdrop of the shop as opposed to a plain white or black background. Once we'd finished those images I spent some time mingling with Aoife, Deidre and Ann shooting them whilst they were working, trying to get those intimate close-ups of working with fine jewellery and watches and the more candid shots assisting the many customers that come in.


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