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Crowleys Opticians

A Case Study

The Composition

During a conversation with Paul McSherry of Crowleys he mentioned how the company like to feature some of their clients in a series of images they hang in the store windows of their HQ in Cork. It's a great talking point and shows their appreciation for their customers. He asked me if I'd like to photograph something similar for their new store in Newbridge and I was delighted to oblige.

The Photoshoot

I met Grainne and the team from Crowleys at the Liffey Linear Park just on the outskirts on Newbridge. Her colleague, Trish had been fantastic in organising for all the clients to arrive at 30 minute intervals so I had the time to set up the compositions and get all the images needed. The park offers up a few different opportunities and locations so that the images weren't too similar.

The first to arrive were three generations of the same family so a simple composition using one the benches was in order. The Purcell family were the next to arrive and were great fun to work with. In particular Tilly who was only to willing to model for me.


The next to arrive were the 'Nearly Sisters' Nic and Sue who run a successful gifting company in Newbridge. As the morning progressed so I met several of Crowleys clients who were all willing and able to give me their time and were fabulous models. A special mention for Arwyn who after participating in the routine compositions, mentioned how she loved to dance and we captured the 'money' shot as she danced her way along the river.


After shooting several customers in various locations we returned to the shop to take a few more in store as it were. It was important to concentrate on the frames as much as the clients and in that I think we succeeded.

The first two images were hung in the shop window a few weeks later and I popped down to see my work on display!



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