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Osbornes Solicitors

A Case Study

The Composition

Eamonn Denieffe, a partner in Osbourne's Solicitors contacted me as he needed some brand photography for their new website. The practice had recently merged with another firm in the town so it was important to reflect the collaboration and to capture the contemporary office space too

The Photoshoot

Unlike many of the recent brand photography work I've done this needed to be approached in a slightly different way. Eamonn wanted a very professional look for his website so this needed to be reflected in the images I gave him. He also wanted the site to easily identify his business as being in Naas.

We started by shooting the partners headshots at the Abbey Bridge over the canal. An iconic location in Naas, it was an ideal setting to get the images they needed.


We shot the staff images in the office which worked well. I pottered around the office for a while and took some of the detail that stood out. We could be forgiven for thinking a solicitors office is going to be stuffy, dark, covered in cobwebs and big thick books of caselaw written in latin! Osbourne's was very different to that, its welcoming, bright, airy and contemporary and is sure to put potential clients at ease. This had to be included in any images I sent.

Eamonn had already emphasised the need to have some iconic images of the town included as well so once the weather improved I shot some key locations and included them in the package.I used a little artistic license to create the image at the top of the page. It struck me that the Office was located on Abbey Road so I thought it ingenious to recreate a Beatles style Album cover using the partners. Understandably the image didn't make the cut for the website but I'm quite proud of it nonetheless. The Zebra Crossing and Hedgerow were added using Photoshop.

The Photography Shoot

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