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Centrepiece Rosettes

A Case Study

The Composition

This job began the way of many of my Brand Photography projects, with a simple...

| "I need some photos for my website"

If I had a penny for every time a client came to me with this directive, I could have retired years ago. It highlights the gulf between what the clients think they need and the Brand Images they end up with to help drive their business forward.

The Photoshoot

I was delighted to hear that Tara from Centrepiece Rosettes was getting a new website. It was clear she has an impressive passion for what she does but I needed to tap into that to understand what motivates her. I suggested a chat over a coffee.

During this conversation it became clear that Tara needed images that emphasised the effort and work that goes into producing the fabulous rosettes her company provide. They are intricate with lots of detail that to the naked eye might be lost or unappreciated. It was also important to show some of the detail, including, of course, the centrepieces. Close-ups would be the order of the day.


I suppose when you have little knowledge of horses or horseshows its easy to have preconceptions about rosettes, I had no idea they came in so many different shapes and sizes. They can have one, two or three tiers, can be made using pretty much any colour ribbon you care to mention? As I sat in the workshop near Kilcock I watched on, impressed at how quickly they were churning them out but also at the sheer variety of options available. I took my time in trying to ensure I got as much detail as I could. Not all of it would be usable but better to have too much than too little content. The mechanical machines that produced the centrepieces were magnificient, seemingly a throwback to another era but still efficiently stamping every centre with consistency.


Of course, Brand Photography is all about the client as much as it is the product so it was key that Tara herself was included as part of the photoshoot. During our chat I came to appreciate that this wasn't just a business for Tara, it is her life, horses that is. Of course, she provides Rosettes for just about any occasion but the idea was born from her love of all things equine. It seemed fitting that the image of Tara I got showed her in her normal environment, surrounded by the animals she loves.


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