Brand Photography FAQ's

What exactly is Brand Photography?

Your Brand has taken you time and no shortage of effort to develop. It represents who you are, what you do and how you make your customers feel. You have probably written a business plan or marketing strategy at some stage but it’s a lot to expect your customers to read it all in order to understand what sets you apart from your competitors. Brand Photography is an opportunity for you to get this story across through powerful and effective images. Stock images are ok and will tell your potential clients what it is you do but they say nothing about you or how you run your business day to day. Brand Photography gives you the opportunity to show the world just how passionate you are about your business

Why do I need Brand Photography?

As a small business ourselves we recognise that your business mightn’t have the time or resources to do all that needs to be done to develop and market your business moving forward. Of course, we all need to prioritise, but equally we cannot cut corners without it having an impact. You could try and take the photographs yourselves but you probably won’t have the time to do them properly. You could use your mobile phone but we can guarantee they won’t be of a professional quality.

You’ve put so much effort into developing your brand, shouldn’t you have the images that reflect that? Only you can make that decision but we are confident that once you see our work you’ll realise the huge benefit it will bring to your business going forward. Don’t underestimate the impact these images will have. What’s more they are a once off expense which could conceivably have benefits for years to come.

What does Brand Photography involve?

We will have an initial consultation with you to chat about your business. This is not about trying to convince you to have lots of images you don’t need. On the contrary, it’s all about us getting to know you and what it is that makes you tick. Once we are armed with a little knowledge about you we are far better placed to suggest what Brand Images we think you might need or like. It could be headshots, group shots, shots in the workplace, product shots or Lifestyle shots. You might already know exactly what Brand Photography you want and that’s absolutely fine too. The final decision, of course, will be yours.

We will agree on a suitable timetable for taking the images, taking into account your day to day operation. The least amount of disruption the better.

High res and web optimised versions of all images will be provided for you to use for a pre-agreed purpose, ie website, marketing material or social media etc.