Luna Home

A Case Study

The Composition

I had met Nikki from Inspired Marketing at another gig we were working on and she mentioned that this exciting paint & wallpaper supplier, Templeogue Decor, were launching a new website and range of products and would I be able to shoot some brand photography for them.

The Photoshoot

So the first hurdle we had to overcome was, of course, the Corona Virus. No sooner had Nikki asked me to shoot a few brand images for the new website than the whole country went into lockdown. Thankfully, I had been able to gather a few bits and pieces from them before the travel restrictions were imposed which meant I could shoot all the product photography and lifestyle photography within the comfort of my in-house studio.

luna homes papers and paints

Luna Home have a fantastic range of papers and paints

Without any kind of time constraints I was able to have a little fun with this project and set about trying all sorts of different compositions and set-ups. Nikki had provided me with some props, so I was like a child at Christmas playing with my new toys as I set about capturing the series of images that would look stunning on the site.

luna home paints

Had a little bit of fun playing with different backgrounds for these product shots

The key was to get the balance of colour and pattern right, the images couldn't be too garish, they couldn't clash and they should complement the website rather than dominate it. The compositions were very much trial and error, some worked and some didn't.

luna homes wallpaper selection

This was rejected, too much going on!

Once I had conferred with Nikki and the Web Developer we came up with a series of different colours that would work. After shooting the various compositions I spent some time in Photoshop, doing some neat post-production to ensure the backgrounds would fit the new site.

A range of different coloured backgrounds on these lifestyle images

This is very much a work in progress as we still have some environmental images to take but for now, just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour here

Results from the Darkroom

painting tools

Same great image, 4 different backgrounds