Case Study


The Composition

This was an interesting job. Padraig Hyland got in touch to ask me to shoot some brand photography for his website. Padraig is a Communications Consultant and specialises in developing people's presentation skills. I had attended one of his workshops and was happy to shoot some images of the day for his use. The focus here was on Padraig rather than any office or product.

The Photoshoot

As an experienced Event Photographer I'm used to shooting candid shots of people chatting, listening, and engaging, pretty much in any guise in any given situation so I found this challenge quite straightforward. Padraig is a very engaging person, a guy who's easy to listen to, so his audience were only too happy to take part. As the day wore on everyone relaxed in each others company and the images reflected both his qualities and his skills. Whilst the emphasis was on lifestyle images of the day itself, he asked whether he could get some new headshots. Padraig's wife is well known actress, Muireann Ryan, needless to say, she was only too happy to pose for a headshot and other lifestyle images too. Its always a pleasure to shoot experienced models, they need very little coersion on how to pose, it just comes naturally.

Not only was this gig straightforward but it was fun too and produced some very rewarding results.

Results from the Darkroom


Padraig Hyland - The Core Story

Engaging the audience


Contrived or decide!


Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands